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Steps to renting a property

First Contact

The Igloo Warsaw Properties team is well aware that renting a property is a complex process consisting of various stages. Therefore, at Igloo, our agents our well equipped with the necessary knowledge and many years of experience and  are at your disposal to provide precise information as how to smoothly and efficiently as possible take you through the rental transaction process.

Choosing an agency

The choice of an agency is often the most crucial part of the entire process. When selecting a service provider, there are certainly things that are worth paying attention to. The issue of selecting an agency, but also, what is very important, an agent, is important because different agency’s offer different variations of the service. It is always worthwhile, as when buying any product or service, to determine exactly what is included in the service. It is useful to compare what are the exact service benefits , for example, what do we receive additionally by selecting Igloo, which we do not receive from other agencies .

Defining search criteria

It is important to define as precisely as possible your needs and criteria according to which we are looking for real estate:

  • preferred locations
  • tenants’ workplace location
  • location of children’s schools / kindergartens
  • preferred recreational centers
  • essential public transport


  • property type
  • budget
  • parking spaces
  • furnishings


  • period and start date of the lease
  • number of inhabitants
  • pets owned

Formalizing the terms of cooperation

At this stage, preceding the commencement of activities in the field of brokerage services, and in accordance with Polish law, the client seeking real estate is expected to formally place an order for him to be represented by Igloo Warsaw Properties office by signing an agency representation agreement.  After formalizing the cooperation, we start looking for offers that meet the expectations of our client.

Property presentations

The next step is organizing presentations of the properties. The properties offered by Igloo Warsaw Properties are always verified in terms of the legal status before the offer is finally put on the market, so all offers we offer are security approved. At this stage, we enter vital resolutions and a lot depends on the first impressions of the potential tenants. All presentations will be preceded by a telephone contact from the agent responsible for the offer in order to arrange a meeting and ensure adequate time to prepare the presentation.

Offers and negotiation of conditions

When we find an offer that meets the client’s expectations, we proceed to submit a rental offer to the owner and present general terms and conditions. All negotiations take place through consultations with the client and the proposed position  communicated to the owner is previously agreed and confirmed by e-mail. The agent leading the rental process will assist clients at every stage and provide advice, while the final decision to accept or reject the offer rests with the client. Experience shows that the vast majority of all rental transactions are closed thru negotiations and acceptance of initial offers is seldom.

Preparation and signing of the lease agreement

After the parties reach a consensus, the Igloo Warsaw Properties agent proceeds to prepare the lease agreement. Most of the contracts are prepared in two language versions, due to the fact that the vast majority of Igloo Warsaw Properties clients are foreign-language clients. All rental contracts are prepared on the basis of the Polish Civil Code, guided by the principle that the security of transactions and symmetrical security of the parties is our main priority. After the meeting to sign the lease, it remains to hand over the property to a new tenant.

Handing over the property

The real estate is usually handed over on a different date from the signing of the contract. The Igloo Warsaw Properties agent, who participates in the process from the very beginning to the very end, will also prepare the latter, often the most satisfying stage of the transaction. On the handover day, the new tenant is shown not only around the apartment, but also around the entire complex in order to get acquainted with the functionality of the building. After writing down the meters, signing the handover protocols, the tenant receives the keys and all the equipment manuals, from that moment he can start enjoying the newly rented apartment. As part of the new secular tradition, the tenant is obliged to invite the leading agent and an accompanying person – it can be both a wife / husband and a lover / lover for a decent housewarming party.

Customer satisfaction review

For Igloo, opinions and feedback from our customers are real grist to the mill, as the saying goes. At igloo, we treat each rental individually, thanks to which our clients can count on the highest standards of customer service. As experience shows that all rental processes are always slightly different, we assume that individual customer service is the key to our success and must remain our motto forever. Therefore, we treat the closing of every next transaction with humility, understanding that we have learned something new this time as well, which will translate into even better service for our clients in the future. And for this purpose, we always count on your evaluation of our efforts.


What is the amount of the deposit?

The standard is the equivalent of one month’s rent. In the case of non-standard circumstances, such as pets, it may be more.

Are utility charges included in the rental amount?

Not. As a rule, utilities: water, heating, electricity, waste disposal are an additional fee and are billed according to consumption.

Is real estate in Poland rented out furnished?

Mostly yes, but it is subject for individual negotiations. On the other hand, houses are rented without furniture more often than apartments, which is also subject to individual negotiations.

Are rental lease prices negotiable?

Mostly yes, depending on the rental conditions, including the length of the rental period.

Can a foreigner terminate a fixed-term contract prematurely?

He can under the on condition that the contract includes a relocation clause.

What lease terms do the owners prefer?

Minimum 12 month period.

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