Property Management

For clients requiring a more comprehensive service in the field of leasing, both from the Institutional Sector PRS, or private owners, Igloo Warsaw Properties offers a Property Management Service.
Our comprehensive care ensures stress-free ownership of the property, maximizing the yield from the investment, with virtually zero involvement of the owner. By relieving landlords of all current obligations related to owning an investment property, we safe them invaluable time.
The real estate being under Property Management enjoys preferential marketing commitment. Multi-channel marketing in the service of promoting offers ensures maximum exposure of the real estate on the market, giving a competitive advantage to landlords using this form of cooperation when renting their properties.
Priority in access to the most desirable tenants is, in a way, a natural consequence resulting from the essence of the Property Management Service, as it is system of interconnected vessels. Thanks to this approach to renting, owners can rest easy knowing that their tenants are always verified in terms of employment, stable income and references from previous landlords.
Adopting the financial control responsibilities, allows for comprehensive settlements of financial flows. Collecting the deposit and settling it upon receipt of the property, receiving the rental payments and settling all administrative costs and utility charges, allows for regular transfer of the profit obtained to the owner’s account, saving them all unnecessary hurdles.
Increased control over your property allows to plan ahead. Thanks to this type of lease transaction mode, we are able to optimize regular property inspections, organizing necessary repairs, refreshments or renovations, preparing the property for a smooth takeover by the next tenant.
Comprehensive property service during the term of the lease agreement, relieves the landlord of obligations in the field of ongoing repairs of defects, replacement of broken equipment or insurance of the property. The assigned property manager makes sure that all issues related to servicing the property are smooth and stress-free for the owner.

The scope of activities under the Property Management service

Rental Property Management
Multi-channel marketing of the offer
Real estate presentations
Institutional and international clients
Reliable and verifiable tenants
References of employers and former landlords
Preparation of lease agreements
Handover of the property
Listing of meter readings
Experienced multilingual agents
Efficient and stress-free handling of transactions
Extended marketing activities
Comprehensive real estate care
Regular inspections and repairs of defects
Property Insurance
Financial control
Rent collection
Settlement of rent and bills
Dedicated property manager
Release handover
Minimization of downtime

You can download the printable information brochure here.

How we market your property

For more detailed information on the Property Management service and a price list of services, please contact the Igloo Warsaw Properties office where the assigned agent will be happy to provide all the necessary information.

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