In addition to tenant verification in order to maximize the security of the rental transaction, so that our owners can sleep more peacefully, Igloo Warsaw Properties, in cooperation with and PZU, has additionally prepared an insurance package securing what is most important.
Tenant insurance
Depending on the choice of 3 insurance packages: Basic, Plus and Extra, which include different scopes of protection, each package includes the Tenant’s liability insurance, which will cover, among others, damages accidentally caused by you, household members or your pet in the rented apartment. The third party liability insurance of the tenant of the apartment, i.e. the person responsible for the condition of the inhabited property and any damage that may occur in it, will finance the elimination of damage caused to the apartment or even its immediate surroundings, caused by action or even omission, even in the case of damage caused by the presence of an animal in the household.
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Insurance against unpaid rent.
This includes, among others, effective rent protection in the event of a tenant’s delay with payments, securing a lease break in the event of property damage. Possibility of flexible extension by legal protection, support in the form of assistance services and insurance of movables and real estate, or the tenant’s liability insurance. The working of the policy is simple and aims to secure rent income, if for some reason the tenant does not pay for 3 months, the insurance guarantees payment of what we have not received, up to a specified amount of PLN 9,000.
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Home and apartment insurance
With flat and house insurance, you protect not only the walls, but also the equipment, i.e. household movables, in the highest variant against “all risks”, such as fires, flooding, devastation and much more.
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“Nobody can really guarantee the future. The best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them and then make our plans with confidence.” — Henry Ford II

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