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The Igloo Warsaw Properties team is well aware that selling a property is a complex process consisting of various stages. Therefore, at Igloo, our agents our well equipped with the necessary knowledge and many years of experience and  are at your disposal to provide precise information, as how to smoothly and efficiently as possible take you through the sales transaction process.

Choosing an agency

The choice of an agency is often the most crucial part of the entire process. When selecting a service provider, there are certainly things that are worth paying attention to. The issue of selecting an agency, but also, what is very important, an agent, is important because different agency’s offer different variations of the service. It is always worthwhile, as when buying any product or service, to determine exactly what is included in the service. It is useful to compare what are the exact service benefits , for example, what do we receive additionally by selecting exclusivity clause, which we do not receive from an open contract.

In today’s reality, a professional photo session is already a standard for exclusive offers.  As Igloo Warsaw Properties aspires to even higher standards, we place all our offers with professional photos without exception. If the agency does not offer a professional photo session, then you should ask yourself whether you should look for another office that allocates more money to promote its offers.

An important issue is to determine the sale strategy and pricing strategy – it should be determined what steps the agent will take to promote the offer, what tools he uses to promote the offer and what financial expenses the office devotes on promoting the offers, e.g. on portals.

It is always worth asking what over and above standard activities the agent will take in order to broadly enter the market with the offer.

Valuation and establishing a sales strategy

Carrying out price evaluations of real estate is an everyday activity for our agents. By choosing Igloo Warsaw Properties as your representative, you have access to the current analysis of the market condition, our agents have the most up-to-date information and trends in the industry. We have internal data that is generated thanks to regular transactions closed by agents of our office and external information about transaction prices of sold properties in a given area.

All these activities, combined with an on-site meeting with an Igloo agent, will translate into making an informed decision when determining the pricing strategy, which is undoubtedly the basic determinant of an effective transaction. Often, pricing mismatches for any good property is the main cause of a lengthy and drawn-out process that make it impossible to sell within a reasonable time at the best possible market price.

Verification and preparation of documents

Properties offered by Igloo Warsaw Properties are always verified in terms of the legal status before the offer is finally put on the market. The safety of purchasing a property through Igloo is our top priority. That is why our agents at this stage of the process will help you to complete the necessary documents needed to successfully conclude the transaction.

Basic verification activities:

  • Establishing ownership – inspection of the notarial deed of purchase / sale confirming the prior purchase of the property.
  • Establishing the Land and Mortgage Register (KW) and verifying that the entries are up-to-date.
  • Confirmation of the validity of the powers of attorney in the event that the landlord does not participate in signing the necessary documents in person.

Necessary documents at the sales stage:

  • Bank promise – establishing and declaring the repayment of the debt by the seller, enabling the buyer to remove the mortgage from the land and mortgage register if there is a mortgage loan.
  • Certificate confirming lack of persons registered in the property.
  • Certificate of no amount outstanding for administrative fees.

In the case of more complicated transactions, it is possible to hire a lawyer whom Igloo can recommend you.

At this stage, you should also sign a representation agreement to order the service and formalize cooperation with the Igloo Warsaw Properties office.

At this stage, a representation agreement should be entered to order the service and formalize cooperation with the Igloo Warsaw Properties office.

Marketing preparations

The stage of preparing the property in terms of marketing is undoubtedly our strongest point and something that allows us to launch the enormous creative inspiration of our marketing team. It is also a process that brings enormous satisfaction and determines the company’s image, giving us the opportunity to stand out in the market against other agencies, thus producing a competitive advantage for our clients.

The agent responsible for the rental offer of your real estate will give you precise instructions on how to adapt the apartment for rent. By way of consultation, the agent will establish a general marketing strategy with you, a convenient date for a photo session or the preceding homestaging activities.

Standard preparation of the offer includes, a photo session with a professional real estate photographer, post-production processing of photographic materials with digital homestaging in order to obtain the best visual effects. Marketing descriptions of real estate in two language versions. In the case of exclusive contracts, the preparatory activities are extended by additional activities in the field of homestaging, preparation of real estate floor plans, film presentation, open house presentations of the property.

Completion of the offer and entering the market

When all your marketing materials are ready, it’s time to combine them all into one intelligible entity and create an offer. The previously agreed on market entry strategy is implemented at this stage. The lead agent of the offer takes the initiative and the real estate offer is made available to a wide base of potential clients using previously selected marketing channels. For this purpose, among other things, we use marketing channels of our own design, which distinguishes us from the competition and gives our clients a huge competitive advantage.

In the case of exclusive offers, our clients have access to clients of other agencies, which guarantees maximum exposure and the widest possible entry into the market with the offer. A higher level of personalization of the service, comfort, and improved information flow are just a few additional advantages, accompanying at this stage the amenities associated with this mode of cooperation.

Property presentations

The next step is organizing the presentation of the property. At this stage, we enter the vital resolutions and a lot depends on the first impressions of potential buyers. All presentations will be preceded by a telephone contact from the agent responsible for the offer in order to arrange a meeting and ensure adequate time to prepare the presentation. The presented property should always be clean and tidy. It should be ensured that in the area of the premises, loose equipment or personal belongings should be minimized as much as possible, at least to such an extent that they correspond to the photos of the offer. It is also crucial to eliminate unpleasant odours. In order to achieve the WOW effect, it is even recommended to equip the property with fresh flowers or at least fragrance fresheners for the duration of the presentation. You can also brew fresh coffee or aromatic tea.

Research shows that in general, real estate presentations are best done without the owner being present. Sales psychology pays a lot of attention to the subject of luxury goods such as residential property. Agents entering the presentation always have a strategy of the meeting planned out. Management of customer perception is often disrupted in circumstances where there are elements that are unpredictable during the presentation, so effective agents will always want to keep the possibility of such unpredictable circumstances to a minimum. Experience also shows that the absence of the owners at the presentation results in a relaxed atmosphere, which undoubtedly contributes to the meeting.

Offers and negotiation of conditions

Each apartment purchasel offer submitted to us will be delivered within 24 hours by phone and email confirmation. If we receive a counter-offer that deviates from the terms of the proposed offer, we will consult it with you before replying to the tenderer, giving you the opportunity to take a position. All negotiations take place through consultations with you and the position communicated to the tenderer is previously agreed and confirmed by e-mail. The agent leading the process will assist you at every stage and provide advice, while the final decision to accept or reject the offer is yours. Experience shows that the vast majority of all sales transactions are closed thru negotiations and acceptance of initial offers is seldom.

Sale of property

In a situation where both parties reach an agreement, the conditions are accepted by e-mail. The next step is the selection of a notary by the buyer and the preparation of the sales contract. The closing stage of the sale is determined by several factors. In the case of purchasing real estate with own funds, this process may be completed within a few days by signing a final agreement. Most of the sales processes take place by obtaining a mortgage, and in this case, the process requires in the first place signing a preliminary agreement, paying the deposit and starting the loan procedure. After the bank accepts the loan application, you can proceed to the final agreement, transfer of ownership and transfer of the apartment. This process sometimes takes up to three months, but the Igloo agent is with you all the time, who will guide the procedure until its final settlement and closing the sale.

Customer satisfaction review

For Igloo, opinions and feedback from our customers are real grist to the mill, as the saying goes. At igloo, we treat each sale individually, thanks to which our clients can count on the highest standards of customer service. As experience shows that all sales processes are always slightly different, we assume that individual customer service is the key to our success and must remain our motto forever. Therefore, we treat the closing of every next transaction with humility, understanding that we have learned something new this time as well, which will translate into even better service for our clients in the future. And for this purpose, we always count on your evaluation of our efforts.

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