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Why exclusivity

At Igloo Warsaw Properties, our philosophy is that if you to  choose and pay for a service, why not choose the best one, especially when it’s at the same price. Choose Igloo Warsaw Properties as your exclusive agent and start reaping the benefits  from this type of cooperation right away.

The keynote of the Igloo exclusivity service is what we call ‘all hands on deck’. In practice, for our clients, this means greater financial expenditure on advertising the offer, an increased range of involvement through above-standard activities aimed at increasing the efficiency of the offer on the market. The involvement of not only the Igloo team, but most of all the involvement of other agencies in the premium market segment. The implementation of such a strategy results in obtaining the maximum market value, with faster transaction finalization timing, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Increased marketing expenditure for each offer covered by the exclusivity clause.

Each exclusive offer is provided with a premium photo session coupled with the homestaging service. Exclusive offers occupy prominent positioning in the carousel of offers in the sales section of the Igloo website, which is regularly promoted for search on Google adds. All offers are regularly promoted by all Igloo marketing channels, and regularly elevated on industry portals. Additionally, it is possible to prepare 360 ° virtual tours and film production for selected offers.

Full maximization of the offer’s exposure to the market.

Having the advantage of exclusivity, we can implement the maximum market entry with no fear of competition, thanks to which we are able to use all existing marketing channels, extending the offer to all their fields. What’s more, we are able to offer much more precise information about the property and its location. This form of a broader market entry enables us to use various additional marketing tools, such as banners.

Inter-agency cooperation.

The most important thing is that we can offer the real estate to clients of other agencies, actively promoting it among other agencies with whom we regularly cooperate. Exclusive offers are placed in the general system of exchange of offers such as MLS (Multiple Listing System), WSPON (Warsaw Association of Real Estate Agents) Esti CRM or Asari Premium.

Individual approach.

The agent, who is the lead agent of the offer, additionally, but in parallel with the agency’s marketing activities, also launches his own strategic initiative to give his offer an exclusive competitive advantage and a privileged position in relation to other offers. Proactive activities are irreplaceable and often the main reason why the sale of exclusive real estate is much faster and more financially beneficial.

Precise information flow.

Thanks to exclusivity, the owner has a smooth flow of information and control over what happens with his offer, e.g. when regulating the pricing strategy, etc. The comfort that the owner answers the phone only from one trusted person and not from several anonymous agents is a big plus in standardizing sales activities.

For more detailed information on the exclusivity service, please refer to our article and contact the Igloo Warsaw Properties office where the assigned agent will be happy to provide all the necessary information.

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