Tenant verification

The Tenant Certificate from aims to digitize and professionalize the rental market. It allows you to quickly and safely verify the identity and financial capabilities of the potential tenant before signing the contract – and thus reduce the risk of renting.

The Tenant’s Certificate provides the following information:

  • Confirmation of the tenant’s identity, whether he is who he claims to be,
  • Checking whether there is information in the tenant’s payment and credit history that indicates that he may have trouble paying his dues on time,
  • Determining whether the tenant can afford to rent the property safely, ie whether he earns enough to pay the rent without jeopardizing his liquidity.

The road to obtaining the Tenant’s Certificate leads through a 3-stage verification, with an emphasis on the comfort and protection of the tenant’s data on each of them. For this reason, the tenant can take advantage of several options to go through the process and decide which method is most suitable for him. The verification time varies depending on the selected method, and in the fastest variant it can take up to 3 minutes!

What does the tenant gain by going through verification with

  • Building the credibility and image of a trusted tenant in the eyes of the owner
  • Protected privacy and no need to answer embarrassing questions about earnings
  • Faster rental and better chances of moving into your dream apartment
  • Getting to know your own rental possibilities without risking financial liquidity

What benefits does the owner get if he decides to verify the tenant?

  • Saving time by using a quick verification process instead of an independent and complicated check of the tenant’s credibility
  • Reduced risk thanks to obtaining a warning about the tenant’s insolvency and potential problems with collecting the receivables
  • Peace of mind and certainty certainty of renting thanks to a decision based on specific data from public institutions

Mutual trust is an inseparable element of the rental market, and with the use of the Tenant’s Certificate, building it is easier and more convenient for both parties. With the code “IGLOO” each customer will receive a 10% discount.

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